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I’m an artist.  I make drawings on paper and ceramics.  I’ve made art since I was a kid.  Mom always kept me supplied with crayons and chalk.


I like clean and simple – black blacks on white whites. Franz Kline’s paintings at MOMA  (I cried when I saw my first), Robert Motherwell’s “Elegy” series (I miss that monumental painting at the entrance to the National Gallery).  Gesture and movement – Calder’s wire sculptures and Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment” photos.  Matisse’s color and translucent under-paintings, Picasso’s contour and line drawings, Irving Penn’s North Light Studio portraits, Jean Michel Basquiat's paintings on everything, Richard Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park” series, Wayne Thiebaud's cityscapes and Alice Neel’s figure paintings.  


My art is about the process of drawing, how it feels.  I watch what comes out on the surface. I try to block my thoughts while I’m working.  Subject matter centers around relationships, architecture, road trips and landscapes. Recurring symbols are bottles, houses, mountains, stars, pitch-forks, apples and cars.


I look up when I walk.


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